Local Beans, Lots of Options

Our coffee comes from Anvil (Spokane), Indaba (Spokane) DOMA (Post Falls), and Evans Brothers (Sandpoint), all of whom use organic, sustainable, Fair Trade, shade-grown beans. Come try it with your choice of milks: almond, coconut, soy, rice, hemp, or your more traditional dairy options. Add a little of our house chocolate sauce, or, if you feel like a little extra something something, try the Boozy Coffee: two shots of espresso, milk of your choice, booze of Alison’s choice.

Boots Cold-Brewed Coffee

Our house-made, cold-brewed coffee tap is a Boots Bakery favorite. We make our 24-hour cold brew with Evans Brothers or Doma Coffee and compress it in the keg on nitrogen gas. If you’ve had a Guiness you get the idea. The result? Creamy, smooth, and a naturally low-acidity coffee experience. Served by the pint.

Our Roasters

Our Teas

Old Tree Yunnan Red Taiwan

Flavor notes: honey, aged bourbon, incense, camphor

Nantou Dark Oolong Taiwan

Flavor notes: molasses, toffee, buttered toast

Snow Jasmine Green Sichuan

Flavor notes: viscous, bright, lily, sweet nectar

Fragrant Leaf Green Fuji

Flavor notes: sweet grass, rich honey, early-morning dewdrops