Here's what you should know about Boots

May 23, 2020

Business as usual!  Come in to choose what you’d like, call it in for pick up, curbside exchange, or click the “order now” tab at top left to purchase online for pickup or delivery.

Cocktails togo, Fresh Squeezed Juice mimosas, Espresso, House Made Switchel.

Pumpkin Waffles with Chai Butter
Waffle Batter to go
Multigrain Patties with Spicy Mayo
German Potato Salad
Creamy Mushroom Penne
Simple Roasted Vegetables
Mediterranean Chickpeas
Thanksgiving Rice
Nature’s Neon
Sausage Hash with Parsnips & Leeks
Potato Croquettes with Herb Mayo
Alison’s Breakfast
Garlicky Roasted Brussels & Mushrooms
Chipotle Corn Pasta
Curried Lentils
Buffalo Chickpeas & Cauliflower
Strawberry Almond with Spring Greens
Coconut Ginger Tumeric Rice
Macaroni & Cheese
Quick Pickles
Cupcakes, Brownies, Fruit Bars, Cookies, Coconut Jasmine Rice Pudding
Mimosas Kits, Cocktails, Espresso, Switchel
Vegan. Gluten free.
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